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Motherhood is hard enough

My mother loved babies more than anything. Nothing lit her up more than seeing or holding a baby. Or having her own children, and then grandchildren. The more the merrier. She stopped at 4 children herself because the time and…

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Hanging on To Life

On a sunny January day, I dusted off the snowshoes hidden in my shed to take advantage of the rare and beautiful snowfall that covered most of New England. The prospect of meeting a friend to go snowshoeing was exciting,…

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A Song for Serene, my daughter’s service dog

My newest song celebrates this beautiful new relationship that has brought so much love and support into my daughter's life. It was originally written to  express what's difficult to communicate, something I was inspired to capture while addressing her dog…

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Dusk of a new year

Taken on a solitary walk near dusk I thought of how we approach another calendar year and how I've learned to cultivate solitude as a balm. I'm not feeling any of the platitudes about hope for a new year, rather…

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Welcoming the Equinox ~ and many autumnal weddings

The moment when the center of the sun is directly above the equator underscores the perfect balance of the hours of sunlight and of darkness. It serves as a reminder of the powerful celestial forces that continue despite our personal…

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