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Dusk of a new year

Taken on a solitary walk near dusk I thought of how we approach another calendar year and how I've learned to cultivate solitude as a balm. I'm not feeling any of the platitudes about hope for a new year, rather…

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Welcoming the Equinox ~ and many autumnal weddings

The moment when the center of the sun is directly above the equator underscores the perfect balance of the hours of sunlight and of darkness. It serves as a reminder of the powerful celestial forces that continue despite our personal…

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When a force of nature dies

I ache in grief to hear the news and after the tears subside I ask myself where does a force of nature go when the door opens to let it pass through he was a father to me and to…

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Please vote for and with Love !

I vote for Love! During a time of such unrest, what a pleasure it was to officiate at a wedding recently, and include elements of beloved Shamanic traditions. The joy and beauty is in such remarkable contrast to so much…

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A New Year and Season of Uncertainty

I hate to admit that it's hard to find hope this season. There are eruptions everywhere and fears of continued unrest, disease, and divisiveness. I have exerted great effort to not post anything negative and that too is challenging. Rather…

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Roll Up … the Magical Medicare Tour !

Back when I was turning a mere 64, it was another Beatles song I sang for celebration. This year it's the magical medicare tour! It's not the best year for a party, so I ask you to please join me…

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