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Welcome to the inspired world of Each Moment We’re Alive

From the seed of a request by my dear friend Monica Schwartz Baer to create a song for cancer survivors for her Relay for Life Chairpersonship, blossomed into a book with her award winning photography. After years of singing the song at events and fundraisers, I met Cindy Sheridan Murphy. A Certified Empowerment Life coach who was looking for a song for a video she was making at the time she was in remission for a year from triple negative breast cancer. Once we met we knew it was a marriage of passion and purpose and our friendship has sparked workshops, fundraising events, and ultimately Cindy expanded her coaching to support other women with cancer. She believed that she could help others deal with treatments that often leave out the emotional and spiritual support so sorely needed during the time after a diagnosis, between treatment, remission, and the unknown. She was unstoppable and then in 2019 Each Moment We’re Alive became incorporated as a non profit organization whose mission is to empower women cancer survivors through workshops and programs to help them move through cancer with the support of a welcoming community.

As my interests in music and writing expanded to the healing realms of shamanism, after becoming certified in Shamanic Energy Medicine from the Four Winds Society Light Body School. I now practice as a Shamanic healing arts practitioner in person and remotely. I have a particular interest in supporting those dealing with diseases such as cancer, as I have experienced how many have been relieved and transported through realms outside of traditional treatments. I do not claim to do healing work, but rather I help to facilitate and cultivate ones ability to promote optimal healing for themselves.

The Board of Directors of Each Moment We’re Alive, Inc. has proudly added Lindsey Summe Baer, Monica’s daughter, and Ricki Hagerty, Monica’s eternal best friend. The growth and expansion of this work is exciting, as we continue to find ways to bring our gifts and passions into the world and support those on the survivor journey

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Meet Monica & Debra

Each Moment We’re Alive originated in 2012 as a musical and photographic story Inspired by Cancer Survivors. The lyrics and text were written by Debra Lynn Alt. The photographs by Monica Baer. Together they collaborated combining Monica’s Photography and the lyrics Debra wrote that serves as a proud legacy and life-affirming contribution to cancer research and support.

Debra described Monica as a remarkable presence at the American Cancer Society, Relay for life and other survivor events. In memory of Monica Baer and others who have battled cancer, Each Moment We’re Alive will empower women cancer survivors through workshops & programs that incorporate music, books, beauty and actions plans to move beyond cancer with a loving community

xox Cindy

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