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The Sun, Moon, Stars & the Eclipse!

I love this garden stake I got for my brother-in-law for his birthday. He’s one of the good guys so I figure he deserves one of my favorite things.

As I thought about why I love it so much, naturally I think about how the sun moon and stars capture our hearts in a way that nothing else quite does. Those of you who know me know that I like to weave meaning into the things that are going on, what I think or feel. It’s how I write, how I process, how I connect. There is such an overwhelming amount of things that are going on in the world, that it’s hard to know what to feel most concerned about. The inhumanity of war, the political overriding of morality and decency, proliferation of disease, you name it   

And yet as we prepare to sit back and put on paper glasses to watch the brief yet timelessly choreographed dance of an eclipse, I see it as an opportunity to recognize how small we are in the context of eternity. How we clutch at anything resembling magic, the mysteries of the unknown or that which we are unable to touch.

Because frankly the only way I can fathom reconciling the horrors that surround us, is to cherish the wonders that concurrently do. But not only surround, underscore the mystery of it all. Why, I consider a futile question. The meaning of a higher power, not so much. Awareness, that’s the key. 

Awareness that in this realm at this time, we are witnessing two levels of evolution. One as I was reminded in my shamanic studies, a current of love and power and healing that is open to those who look deeply for that which we cannot see or understand. The other, a different kind of power play of destruction and evil. I for one cannot stand it, can barely tolerate what I see and read, nor the people who ignore what is so obvious to me and those who share my vision of goodness. 

As we watch our precious source of light obscured for a brief yet significant time, let’s remember to do what we can to not allow our light to be obscured. I do what good I can, love fiercely in all the corners of my life, hang on to the belief that this multi-level experience of evolving as a human being can be approached with joy, purpose and wonder. …. 

Which is exactly what I hope for us as we gaze up at the sky and grasp the meaning of pure light that could never be eclipsed ….. 

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