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Intro to Shamanism and Creating Sacred Space

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice. As it is based on the understanding that life is energy, it is a powerful way to harness energy and healing to facilitate more wholeness. Neoshamanism is about forming bridges between ancient and modern healing modalities.

What differentiates shamans from other spiritual travelers is their capacity to apply wisdom from the spirit realm in order to heal and transform the physical realm. Shamans teach from the world view that all life forms are interconnected in constant communion with nature. There’s no bible or text, but rather it is a path of direct experience taught through the passing down of knowledge and wisdom. True healing from the shamanic perspective is awakening to a vision of our healed nature and what it means to be truly alive.

The foundation of Shamanic tradition is rooted in creating sacred space. This is brought into consciousness by calling on the 4 wind directions as often evoked in indigenous cultures, each evoking a mythical archetypal animal with properties delineating 4 levels of perception, insights, or engagement with reality. They also correspond to different parts of the brain, capable of expanding our ability to track information intuitively.

Most importantly sacred space is a way to tune in to the highest forms of energy available to us at a given time. A Shaman brings to this space all our love and intent to tap into the source of luminosity, to open the veil of the infinite. This is likened to holding the tone of a certain note, on an energetic and metaphysical level.

We also precede shamanic sessions by opening the Wiracocha, named for anj Incan deity. It is in the form of an orb of light, and it serves to open the luminous energy field.

Honoring the world of form and spirit; surrendering to endless death and rebirth;
this is the source of all healing — the shaman’s power.
— Theodore Tsaousidis

Stumbling Into Shamanism

(Introduction to my forthcoming book)

My story is one of how I stumbled upon an entranceway to a vast new world. I found a place where the foundation of well being is based upon ancestral lineage, sacredness, fire ceremonies, mythic maps, and a medicine wheel dictated and generated by the four directions of the wind.

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Deb's sessions are extremely relaxing and you instantly feel that you're in a safe and sacred space that she is creating. Her heart centered work has allowed me to feel safe to the do the work on need for me. I found our follow-up conversations and emails helped me clarify some of the things that I have had to process outside of the session.. The guidance you provided through your valued insight gave me comfort as the emotions are so intense at times.

My experience with Deb has seemed divinely orchestrated from the very beginning! I had been intrigued by shamanic work for some time and from a last-minute invitation to a birthday celebration, we ended up sitting next to each other and she told me that she is a shaman! From talking with her, I gained an immediate sense of ease is in opening up to her about my journey. From the moment we met I could sense a connection with her and then only to discover some similarities in our recent history which allowed us to connect even further. With the recent loss I was working through, she and I continued the conversation and began working together to support my healing. What I discovered is her gentle guidance supported by deep insights, tools, and sincere heart space where she allowed me to enter into my own healing work to deal with my loss. Deb offers what is needed at the moment to address energy blocks. I am grateful for her commitment to helping others find their way on the journey and am blessed to have crossed paths when I did. She has helped me claim more of "me" in order to heal and give back to others which is what I choose to do with my life. I am blessed!

When we move toward our life's work and/or a major healing experience we all need a “container” for which to create/hold healing space for that work. Deb is that container offering her insights, heart, capacity and her deep knowledge of multiple healing modalities. In her presence, I feel understood physically, mentally and emotionally which offers me a safe space to heal on my journey. She has helped me address the energetic imprints that no longer serve me where I am able to move toward a more fully conscious and fulfilled way of living. She's an amazing woman who I'm grateful to have discovered!

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