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Reflections on a 10-year memorial

Reflecting on the 10 years that have passed since my beloved mother left this world. The thing I miss the most about having Luba Lee in my life is her warmth, as I can feel the places that are colder and emptier now that she’s gone. She brought a radiant quality of unconditional love that I can’t imagine I’ll ever see again in this lifetime, so extraordinary was her unique quality of love.

Hard to find the words, so I can only reflect on what I feel in missing her so deeply. I remember thinking when she was diagnosed with cancer that I couldn’t imagine how I could live without her being in the world as my person. She was the one that had my back in ways that were simply wondrous. Who heard me in a way that lifted me each time we spoke, each time we shared an insight, each time she smiled in that glorious way she had of embodying love. I’ve had to learn, as I’m sure most of us who loved her have had to, to dig more deeply to find the source of warmth that she tapped into so naturally.

In her honor I will continue to endeavor to bring as much warmth and love into the world as I can muster. Despite the horrors that have befallen the world as of late. I do it through my writing and my music, which is most natural for me. I loved it when my Mom would say, “Oh Debbie, you have such a way with words!” She was my biggest fan. And I was hers. What a gift to know that kind of love ….

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