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People who need people

I confess I’m a fan. I feel like I grew up with Barbra ever since “people who need people” became a soundtrack for my youthful yearning for connection.
Listening to her memoir delivers the warmth of a Jewish grandmother looking to feed me, and the fun of hearing the backstories of the woman I idolized when I was a young girl.
I also loved her Colbert interview recently. What struck was her statement of how awkward it can feel to discuss her new book or her career, in light of the fact of the world’s massive acts of destruction and vitriol overtaking our senses and attempts to be positive.
I can relate, as I put the finishing touches on my long term book project. I believe with all my heart that “Something to Sing About, A Songwriter’s Story of Stumbling Upon Shamanic Wisdom” is a positive contribution to the world. And I do realize that my need for people and connection to building a platform for sharing my writing is awkward, particularly in these times.
With that understanding and sensitivity I will continue to write and create words and music, while keeping my ears and heart to the ground ………..

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