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Something to Sing About
A Songwriter’s Story of Stumbling into Shamanic Wisdom

My story is one of how I stumbled upon an entranceway to a vast new world. I found a place where the foundation of well being is based upon ancestral lineage, sacredness, fire ceremonies, mythic maps, and a medicine wheel dictated and generated by the four directions of the wind.

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Each Moment We’re Alive

A photographic and musical journey – 36 photographs many of them award-winning, illustrating the lyrics of the title song. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated for cancer research and support.

Lyrics and text by Debra Lynn Alt / Photographs by Monica Baer

My friend Monica Baer is a two-time cancer survivor and was treated for breast cancer in 2003. Her story of hope and triumph over cancer is truly inspirational. I had written various songs for different causes and Monica asked if I would be willing to write a song specifically for cancer survivors. My father had just passed away from leukemia, so this became an emotional and professional challenge that I embraced with a full heart, knowing that there could be no better tribute to his love of life and philanthropic ideals.

The result is “Each Moment We’re Alive”, a song that is a synthesis of the stories shared with me by a group of cancer survivors with a desire to have a song that speaks to their journeys. It is my intention that “Each Moment” will help spread the message of hope and the healing aspect of relishing each moment. The new CD is accompanied by the book and were designed together to make a life-affirming gift. -Debra Lynn Alt

Purchase Each Moment We’re Alive Book & CD for $18
A portion of sales of the book/CD is donated to cancer research and support.

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Local CT stores carrying book:

Lark in Chester, CT
Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT
The Bowerbird in Old Lyme, CT


The Nature of Choice

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The Breath

The breath fills me and heals me And when drawn slowly Reminds me of everything I need to know © 2000 by Debra L. Alt  


Piercing the Equilibrium

they are grown now the little fingers that grabbed the straggled hair covering your arms that I cradled while you sucked and puckered oozing milk like blood filling your nervous…


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I feel like a mother when I cut the crust off your sandwich bread careful to leave enough to hold some carefully planned nutrition My heart is full when we…


For Eternity

I ache with love sometimes for music, touch, nourishment; and I long to know the source of the lack of longing and aching. I need to be by the water…

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