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Listening to Stillness

I hear the language of the mystics and the whispers of my soul;

I learned to listen to the stillness, and trust what will unfold

 (from my song, The Wisdom Way ©2023, soundtrack to my book to be published 2025)


I don’t think we can get too many reminders of the gift of stillness. 

That in any given moment we can go to that place where we source and cultivate and beam utter stillness. Even stillness in motion, like that of the hummingbird, stillness is a concept that helps me get through many un-still moments.

Including those of knowing there are places on the globe where the stillness is deafening, surrounded by forces we cannot control. Yet wherever we are on this journey, it is a place to go to deep within our knowing, deep within our ability to breathe and embrace life with all its imperfections and ebbs and flows. 

May you find at least one pure moment of stillness today 

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