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Photo by Monica Baer

An unrepentant baby boomer, Debra was strongly influenced by the music of her youth.


“Debra offers a truly multi-dimensional healing experience. She is the healer’s healer! As a Reiki Master, and Psychic Medium, I am very familiar with the power of frequencies and vibrations. As any light-worker knows, this doesn’t make us invincible, as we are all sharing this human journey and we are all susceptible to that feeling of being burnt out. The richness of Debra’s unique life experience combined with her extensive ongoing development in the Shamanic Arts, makes her a master teacher like no other. She has reflected insights to me that I may not have ever discovered on my own and I feel not only relief, but a newly expansive view of my own spiritual path. Her healing sessions will wrap you in the warmth of her undeniable light. If you are even asking yourself if this is right for you, I urge you to open your heart and mind, and surrender to what is rightfully yours. Allow Debra to gently guide you back to your own divinity. It is always the right time to re-connect with who you really are.” – Lori Diamond, Light Worker

“Debra Alt has a powerful, yet sweet and articulate voice. Her easy to understand renditions of her own songs as well as those of a variety of other popular artists have made her a favored vocalist amongst my professional musical associates.” – Jeff Fuller

“Your message has touched my heart and reminded me of how we are all connected while we each have our own lives purpose of healing to offer the world.” – Cheryl Silva

“Debra is a passionate, soulful, sensitive, compassionate, and talented human being and musician.” – Monica Baer

“When we move toward our life’s work and/or a major healing experience we all need a ‘container’ for which to create/hold healing space for that work. Deb is that container offering her insights, heart, capacity and her deep knowledge of multiple healing modalities. In her presence, I feel understood physically, mentally and emotionally which offers me a safe space to heal on my journey. She has helped me address the energetic imprints that no longer serve me where I am able to move toward a more fully conscious and fulfilled way of living. She’s an amazing woman who I’m grateful to have discovered!”

“Deb’s sessions are extremely relaxing and you instantly feel that you’re in a safe and sacred space that she is creating. Her heart centered work has allowed me to feel safe to the do the work on need for me. I found our follow-up conversations and emails helped me clarify some of the things that I have had to process outside of the session.. The guidance you provided through your valued insight gave me comfort as the emotions are so intense at times.”

“My experience with Deb has seemed divinely orchestrated from the very beginning! I had been intrigued by shamanic work for some time and from a last-minute invitation to a birthday celebration, we ended up sitting next to each other and she told me that she is a shaman! From talking with her, I gained an immediate sense of ease is in opening up to her about my journey. From the moment we met I could sense a connection with her and then only to discover some similarities in our recent history which allowed us to connect even further. With the recent loss I was working through, she and I continued the conversation and began working together to support my healing. What I discovered is her gentle guidance supported by deep insights, tools, and sincere heart space where she allowed me to enter into my own healing work to deal with my loss. Deb offers what is needed at the moment to address energy blocks. I am grateful for her commitment to helping others find their way on the journey and am blessed to have crossed paths when I did. She has helped me claim more of “me” in order to heal and give back to others which is what I choose to do with my life. I am blessed!”



The Children’s Place at Home Safe provides a loving home for the care and treatment of abused, abandoned, neglected, drug-exposed and HIV/AIDS infected infants, children & youth. The Children’s Place provides shelter care placement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their key objective is to provide comprehensive and coordinated services that enhance the lives of the children and their families.

Debra composed an original song called “Born of Light” for the Children’s Place at Home Safe. She performed her song at the 2003 Indian Spring Country Club in Boynton Beach fundraiser which raised $12,000 for the organization.


In 2008, Debra supported the Connecticut chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving by performing “Light One Candle” and her song written specifically for MADD, “More Than Remember” at the Candlelight Vigil of Remembrance and Hope.

Founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking. MADD also supports drunk and drugged driving victims and survivors at no charge, serving one person every eight minutes through local MADD victim advocates and at 1-877-MADD-HELP.


The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. We do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.


American Cancer Society events are inspiring, uplifting, and great at bringing the fight against cancer directly into your community. From black-tie galas to full-length marathons, we have an event that will suit your interests and let you join in the spirit of camaraderie and compassion as we work together to save lives from cancer.


The Autism Society of Connecticut is focused on three areas: serving as a statewide autism resource, providing grants to families who may need financial assistance, and raising awareness of autism. For over 25 years, the Autism Society of Connecticut (ASCONN) has worked with parents, educators, state government, and therapeutic and medical professionals to enhance the lives of those touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders. ASCONN serves the entire autism spectrum – across specific diagnosis, needs, challenges, and age ranges.

In October of 2009, Debra supported the Autism Society of Connecticut by performing at the “Light the Sky” Concert for Autism Awareness.


The Connecticut Hospice inaugurated hospice care in America in 1974. Since then, it has been the beacon and teacher of the growing hospice movement throughout the nation, and beyond. The Connecticut Hospice addresses physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of patients with advanced irreversible illness, and their families. Such care is provided regardless of diagnosis and as long as the Hospice level of care is needed by the patients.

In 2005, Debra performed her original song “100 Blessings” at both the Spring and Fall Legacy of Hope events supporting the Connecticut Hospice, Inc.


Founded in 1986, Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven (an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing through the creation of homeownership opportunities for low-income working families. Habitat builds and rehabilitates homes in the Greater New Haven area with the goal of creating safe, decent, affordable houses that add to the revitalization of New Haven’s neighborhoods. Habitat accomplishes its mission by partnering with individuals, religious and civic organizations, local business and corporations.

Debra proudly supported the Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven by performing at the 25th Anniversary Gala in 2011.

Debra performed jazz standards and “Decent Shelter,” the original Habitat song at the Owenego Inn and Beach Club in Branford CT in June, 2014.


At Relay For Life events, communities across the globe come together to honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that has already taken too much. The funds you raise truly make a difference in the fight against cancer – just ask one of the nearly 14 million cancer survivors who will celebrate another birthday this year!

Debra performed her original song for cancer survivors at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of North Branford at North Branford High School in 2008.

In Debra’s Words

My career began in a way I believe is similar to most artists’ beginnings; that is, with the experience of being moved by someone else’s creation.

This awakening then becomes the source of inspiration to tell others something of one’s own heart. As enormously satisfying as it is to write and sing pure expressions of emotion; as one matures, there is a growing urgency to use the intensity of those feelings for some greater good. I guess that is why I think of my musical genre as “Songs for Cause & Just Because.”

My musical orientation was shaped largely by the singer-songwriters of the 1960s and 70s. Over the decades, I have performed folk, rock, jazz, and even disco. I’ve sung to classrooms and Hospice patients. The common denominator has always been a desire to connect so that others could feel music as I do; and from that experience, be able to make it their own.

My songwriting has turned towards making people more aware of social concerns. That is why my portfolio now includes songs about autism, drunk driving, cancer, child abuse, adoption, and a post-9/11 song of hope entitled, “One Heart at a Time.” Yet songs about love, children, even pets, are always appreciated as universal expressions of what we love and long for.

There is no vehicle quite like music to reach others. At the core, my message to my audience is to have hope: things can get better, and it is always worth the effort to try. I take much pride in continuing to create new avenues to reach those that wish to be entertained, encouraged, enlightened.

My first album, “A Spirited Mother” was born out of my experience of motherhood and my efforts to be a model of authenticity for my daughter.

The songs are meant to inspire, soothe and celebrate the fact that the best interests of our children are served only by being true to ourselves. In the few years between my first album and the second, “In Broad Daylight,” I was commissioned to write a song for a friend’s adopted daughter and was asked to write for charitable causes as well. She found that it fit her drive to express herself while simultaneously delivering a message. The second album reflects this discovery, while describing a personal journey that has aimed for the higher ground, but which sometimes has run her through the weeds. Yet as a songwriter she’s struggled to be faithful to what is true, even when the light of consciousness flashes painfully bright. “In Broad Daylight” connotes the place where we see most vividly and the finest hues brilliantly mirror the deepest truths, expressed through the beauty of music.

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