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Between the Covers

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about loving books? With so many new ways to read, electronically, via audibles, I still love being surrounded by physical books.

Holding them in my hands, feeling that uniquely taut plastic cover from the library. Curling up in bed with something that never fails to soothe and lull my active mind gently to rest.

Summer has always been an inviting time to open a book, perhaps what’s coined a summer read, considered lighter, more fun. There is something essentially wonderful about books, little worlds waiting to be discovered and shared, all that incredible energy from the writer coalesced into stories, narratives, poetry, fantasy, even harsh realities. All that motivation, drive, passion that goes into creating a book.

My foray into publishing my second book has certainly reinforced that knowledge and deepened my connection to all books. The investment of years in its creation, unfurling, shaping, and then finding my way through the myriad of new publishing options vast and overwhelming and relying heavily on ones ability or inclination to expand their reach socially and otherwise.

Now when I pick up a book, lazily decide which one is next, no longer under the youthful delusion of believing I’ll eventually get to all I wish to read, I have a new appreciation for the choices of what to read. And fresh inspiration to get mine out into the world. For I do have something to sing about, much to say, to divulge and inspire, create, teach, magic to reveal and share.

I recently had a car accident that has slowed me down to recover. You can find me between the covers seeking solace and companionship and love for the craft and simple beauty of a book….

Something to Sing About, A Songwriter’s Story of Stumbling into Shamanic Wisdom, soon to be between covers ….

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