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Beyond Prayer ~ what we can do

With the darkness of the war between Israel and Hamas descending, there is a feeling of helplessness, and many will pray in whatever way that makes sense for them. And of course one can contribute to significantly support those in need with our dollars, while the horrors mount. (Magen David Adom, the Israeli Red Cross)

I will avoid a political statement. Only to say that the scope of this war has its unique attributes of horror, not the least of which is the resemblance to the Holocaust that will likely haunt Jews ’til the end of time. But no matter what comes down, we have a choice how to react, how to hold our fear and our thoughts, and our desire to help in whatever way we can. Donate, volunteer, do whatever you can. And when you take a moment of silence, remember that stillness is what we must cultivate and spread so that little by little we raise the vibration of the planet. We must counter the low vibration of hate, greed, and the war it evokes.

If one accepts the premise that the scope of human experience can be quantified in gradients of vibration, then we can proactively move to raise ours. It can be seen as a way to hold a space for the horrific evil and horror being perpetrated against innocent lives. While at the same time holding a space for hope and love and healing. It is not for everyone, that’s for sure. And it requires a different level of vision. Yet this delicate practice is for those who subscribe to the belief that it is one of the few hopes we have of surviving as a species in a world riddled with such hate, violence and inhumanity.

Do whatever it is that brings you joy and what holds meaning and purpose for you. Gardening, being with children, helping others, writing, singing, dancing even. I have an Israeli friend who danced wildly the night after the attacks in Gaza started. To foster the ability to rise above the worst situations and remember that there is another side that needs to be fed and nourished with our intention to not lose sight of love. To remember to bring light in the face of darkness.

There is a force of love and all that is good that cannot be toppled. Lives are lost and many bear insufferable pain, God knows that darkness has always had a home in the holy land. But to find a way to not let it kill our innermost spirit, that is the stuff of a different kind of warrior.



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  1. Wonderful words, dear Debra.
    I especially love your last paragraph about doing whatever lifts up frequencies and of last paragraph that „there is a force of Love and all that is good cannot be toppled.“
    … we keep on keeping on …
    Much Love and blessings, Heide

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