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AIR ~ a surprisingly beautiful story

I chose a picture of, well, air, to be the image of what is essentially a review of the movie “Air”. I was so taken by the story, so deeply moved. So much so that the morning after seeing the film I read up on what was real, and I am satisfied that the creative forces behind the film were able to portray the essence of the story. That being that a vision and a belief in something can be such a powerful force as to change the world.

In this case, it was about Michael Jordan who had a quality of defying gravity on the basketball court. And it was about the vision that his mother had that was so fierce in its clarity and belief in her son’s otherworldly potential, that she was instrumental in changing the way other athletes are recognized and supported. The cast was entertaining and the men were amusing in their stereotypical roles in the arena of the professional sport business. The inspiration that has stayed with me is that of the Mom who not only loved her son like a Mama Lioness, but all sons and daughters with potential to make their mark, even change a part of the world. It’s worth watching, to breath in the inspirational air of the story.

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