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“The Wisdom Way” (©2023) is complete!

Okay, I know how that might sound,  but it’s the song about the wisdom way that I found, that was written to accompany the book I’ve been working diligently on.  “Something to Sing About ~ A Songwriter’s Story of Stumbling into Shamanic Wisdom” is the book, and The Wisdom Way is the song.

The book is my story of a month-long leap of faith adventure to study light body energy in the context of Shamanism in Chilé.  Of how it helped me to connect all the dots of my life, of the healing power of my songwriting, of ultimately how it landed me in a place of affirming strength and fearlessness. Of the intrinsic and life changing value of finding something I can tap into anytime, and count on forever. A deep spiritual connection always available to return to. By sharing how I formed a new map from my own personal Truth, I believe can offer a unique portal to others’ own Wisdom Way, ones absolute Truth.

I am tweaking the song and preparing to record it soon. I’ll release it before the book, mostly because I’m still working on the book proposal that will help me get the book before the right agent and publisher.

I’m so excited because I wrote the song to capture my passion about what inspired this book project. And all the doors I hope it will open for myself and for anyone looking for a good honest story and a good source of inspiration and incentive to be brave and fearless….

The wisdom way is ultimately about having the courage to find your own Truth. To take a leap of faith if necessary, trusting that where you land is exactly where you’re supposed to be. And that the rewards of doing so are rich and bountiful beyond measure.

Stay tuned for the music and the book I can’t wait to share ….

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