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Matzoh House with Flowers

At the last Seder I shared with my Mom, her friend made this house out of matzoh and flowers, a creation I thought worth sharing.

Each year as the spring holidays emerge, I find it remarkable that the pulse of regenerating life is upon us, bringing forth edible and fragrant shoots of ever enlivening growth.  I never want to lose that sense of amazement, that appreciation for that which is capable of breaking through the ground and sprouting.

So whether you are eating matzoh to remember that the Jews were too busy fleeing their oppressors to wait for their bread to rise, or you are hiding and painting Easter eggs and celebrating the resurrection of Christ, this holiday is for all of us. To remember that all sentient beings crave their freedom, and that life itself is a miracle in so many forms. And there’s no time quite like the Spring season to be reminded of that.

As a dear Rabbi friend pointed out, another reason we eat matzoh is to remember to let go of old “sticky” habits. Now that’s matzoh for thought …. May we all take solace in the new growth around and within us.

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  1. Beautiful! I adore that house!!! And the reminiscing about your mom! 🙂
    I just read on my matzah box that matzah is “the bread of faith”! Loved that! Yeah for ALL the symbolism this holiday season for ALL the holidays and ways of celebrating!

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