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Sleepy Bunny has an Announcement

It may seem silly at a time like this, yet I got such remarkable news yesterday and it happened to coincide with finding my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. When I thought about how to share the news, the little guy looked so much calmer than I’ve been lately, so I thought he would be the perfect one to, shall we say, make the announcement….

Melody was selected to receive a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! This prestigious honor and financial support enables her to do her own research in developmental psychology with her personal interest in unearthing the mysteries of autism. This selection is a highly significant national accomplishment and places her amongst an elite group of fellows who have gone on to distinguished careers. I’m so proud of her hard work and tenacity, and the role she will play in this world. There is so much fear around how the world is changing so drastically now, this feels like a glimmer of hope, knowing research will go on….

Sleepy Bunny looks like he’s feeling proud too. I think I might just hug him to sleep myself for some much needed comfort, while allowing myself joyful celebration of her achievement.

Way to go Mel!

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  1. Melody’s undying focus and determination to”get the answer” is remarkable and inspirational. Tremendous well earned and deserved recognition. . Congratulations! She is a star ⭐️

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