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A Journal Called “Thrive”

A Journal Called “Thrive”

A beautiful new book to begin in the middle of an unprecedented human crisis. Where life on our planet is shifting on so many levels, I chose this book from my library of blank journals to begin Volume LVII (57) of the reflections I’ve chronicled for decades. It feels like a good theme to relay the choice to thrive.

Many may not feel they have that choice given their circumstances, and for those I pray. For those of us who do recognize the possibility, it’s a good time to encourage each other to recognize the portal so beautifully depicted by White Eagle, as opposed to the rabbit hole that fear and dismay can lead to. To choose to cross the portal with self care and care for others in whatever ways we are called to embody compassion. To emanate the spiritual dimension of any human crisis is to rise above and choose the vantage point of the Eagle, that the shamanic healing arts have taught as a perceptual state capable of transforming fear into love.

To believe wholeheartedly that there is a choice to thrive and to cultivate the resources to do so. May we all find our way to thrive ….

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