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The Impossible Dream

This song captures so much of the range and fullness of emotion around us now. It has unbridled courage for those working on all front lines supporting our various needs, and putting their very lives and the lives of their families at risk. Their ‘fight for the right without question or pause, and willingness to march into hell for a heavenly cause’. It has passion and longing for hope against hope that somehow we will emerge from this pandemic stronger, wiser, healthier, more attuned to the ever-present oneness of our collective human natures.  It has unbearable sorrow, an unbeatable foe, and even loving from afar. And hope against hope, that the world might be better for this, if only we continue to reach for the unimaginable, the unreachable….

And for my fellow travelers and seekers who continue to weave the threads of dreaming our world into being, this is for the sacred path of the unknown, unseeable, that we lovingly choose again and again….

(The Impossible Dream (The Quest) from “Man of La Mancha”, Lyrics by Joe Darion, Music by Mitch Leigh, ©1965 by Andrew Scott, Inc., Helena Music Corp., Sam Fox Publishing Co., Inc.)

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