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Thoughts on navigating a pandemic

With so many responses to this global pandemic, I seek out the clarity of science, compassion and consideration for those most vulnerable, and a deep connection to Spirit for the strength to bear whatever transpires.

Good science is when the voices of reason, facts and relevant data combine, and there is the ring of relevant and logical truth. With so many weighing in from various platforms, it’s more important than ever to discern what the truth is. What’s clear is that a novel virulent virus is spreading, and that a balance of caution and proactive measures need to be taken. 

It’s downright heartbreaking to see the hoarding of health and sustenance supplies in a country of our magnitude and alleged greatness. Instead it’s more important than ever to pay kindness forward, to give some of our surplice to those that don’t have enough, while cultivating the awareness of how we really all are in this together. Sometimes it takes a deadly virus or a 9/11 – scale tragedy to underscore that it takes a village to support our collective humanity. We can reinforce reaching out to each other in ways that stem from love and not fear.

It’s clear that our government is straining at the seams to enact effective policy, and we can only hope some useful parameters make it through. Greed and power are no match for the vestiges of disease, so the real power needs to be directed toward supportive measures to contain and treat the outbreak.

And a gentle reminder that the sustenance of our own health and well being is best supported with whatever ways we know to be effective in strengthening our immune systems so that our bodies are less likely to host COVID-19. There’s plenty of theories on how to do this, and I choose to follow the Shamanic paradigm, that of blending ancient healing energy practices with effective medicine. 

Given that the virus attacks our respiratory system, it makes sense to pay close attention to our breath. This can be taken literally by  checking in to see that there is no abnormality, but it’s also helpful to widen mindful breath practice. This can be done by deepening conscious breathing in a prayer for sustenance, for connection to the divine source of all life.

Whereever the next evolution of this crisis takes us, we can at least count on the breath to show us the way to a deeper stillness within. For not only does a reservoir of potential healing reside therein, but it’s where we can find peace and stamina for whatever lies ahead.


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