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Welcome New Year!

When I think about all the energy that is expended during the holiday season as the year is winding down, I reflect on how we make our way through our own cultural maps and rituals to find points of connection. Christmas decorations, lighting candles, gathering treasures on sale, a popular culture belief that we’ve set aside year end time to hopefully elevate our well being and express gratitude and love to those around us.

I’ve thought about how the ancient art of shamanism weaves together all of the best of these western rituals, in bringing light, gathering community, instilling gratitude, deepening our connection to Spirit and healing the wounds often hidden under the holiday splendor. What I have come to see is that it is also a beautiful map for illuminating our highest selves, our potential, the longings of our souls often mistaken for other insatiable hungers. For strengthening our armor against the ravages of the politicized world and earth straining for balance. For cultivating healing maps to the terrains and emotional landscapes we more naturally retreat to in the winter.

I’m feeling grateful to have the opportunity to express myself in hopes that sharing these thoughts will serve as a reminder that there are always opportunities to deepen your relationship to Spirit, or however you conceive of the divine force of the universe ….

Writing, reading, singing, watching, and catching the moments of beauty and splendor are keeping me going and inspired. May my words help others feel that spark of aliveness in each breath of this precious and mysterious life ….

Welcome new year, may it fill us with love hope and healing…!


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