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More Than Remember

“More Than Remember” is the title of a song I wrote for Mothers Against Drunk Driving as it captured for me the essence of what memorials are. Remembering alone is not enough, we need to use the anniversary or memorial to be inspired to change what we do, think, how we build the fabric of social justice.  It’s beyond sad that leaders with hearts of grace and souls generated by love that MLK Jr. spoke of, are so hard to come by. It occurs to me today that those of us who live our lives and do our work in that spirit need to continue to do so. The people I know with those qualities are often in the healing and expressive arts, in service in non-leadership capacities. However we choose to participate in this journey of life, I think we need to continue to try to tip the scales in the direction that MLK Jr. tried to do. The fact that he was assassinated underscores the dire need to continue the work of healing our world one heart at a time. That’s another song I wrote, and a good thing to more than remember ….

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