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New offerings of Happy GivingThanks …

It’s been a year since I heard the call to learn of the ancient wisdom teachings of Shamanism. Since then I have studied, written, and practiced, intent on being the best person I am capable of being as I weave all the parts of my life into a new tapestry of meaning and purpose. I’m humbled by the challenges of this new chapter, and excited by the prospects of what is possible.

I’ve learned that pure intention is powerful medicine when one aligns with the pulse of the Earth and its gifts. I’ve seen glimpses of a healed and hopeful destiny, despite these horrific and turbulent times. I am deeply moved to write the story of how I stumbled into this new world view, to capture not only the richness of these discoveries, but also find ways toward a new understanding and embracing of what is possible.

I believe we can start with an offering of pure intention, joy, acceptance, and gratefulness.  I am changing the name of my blog from Love Light & Coffee to Love Light and Sacred Activism, as the name connotes a power that is surging through the hearts of many who hear the call and those who are searching. Let it begin with breathing gratitude through our hearts. Filling your lungs with it, your thoughts, your intentions, your direction. When in doubt, be still, for therein lies all that has ever been and will always be sacred.

Happy GivingThanks!

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