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What is Love?


A Poetic Answer to the question “What is Love?”


Love is in upward glances to the sky

in bringing a pen to the page

knowing another layer of Truth

being fully alive

Love is in transforming wounds into compassion

finding stillness within chaos

a thousand names for God as well as the unnamable ones

singing when no one is listening

dancing alone

Love is in a heart to heart hug

an oath to do our best

a prayer beseeching the end of suffering

welcoming a child at the end of the birth canal

a tender look in the eyes of the beloved

Love is on the path of the Mystic, the Shaman

with fingers the blind use to read, the deaf use to speak

prayers shared, shouted, sung and silent

slowing down our breath long enough to hear our heart beat

Love is in the contents of a holy chalice

a community of souls lifting each other

that which is distilled in ceremony

Love can be found at the heart of the matter

the energy of Spirit

what we pay forward

in bittersweet memories

in blessings

in a lineage of ancestors

in what it means to be at peace

Love is in a kept promise

a life story

a eulogy

the first step of a leap of faith

stopping to meet the gaze of an elder

crossing a finish line

showing up

going along for the ride

lighting the way

Sometimes love is in saying no

creating healthy boundaries

being tough

Love means telling the truth at all costs

an apology

making amends

Love is anything in life that matters

a lingering goodbye

a voice that whispers from the other side

Love is in spreading joy and light

in integrity, kindness, gentleness, passion and respect

Love is remembering

what love really is

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