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ZYN and the art of good drinking

One quiet weekday evening recently I meandered through the local grocery store and ran into one of those display tables manned by someone eager to share their product. As I was on a rare ‘time to spare’ grocery run, I stopped to check it out and was delighted to discover it was a new drink being marketed nationally. While sipping different sample flavors I chatted with Asim who was happy to have someone equally enthusiastic about health to talk with. As a fan of drinks with subtle sweetness to quench a particular thirst from time to time, I was intrigued.

Turns out Asim partnered with his brother to launch a national campaign to introduce the world to Zyn. What makes it unique is the inclusion of curcumin (the main anti-inflammatory ingredient in turmeric) and piperine (a pepper that increases curcumin’s bio-availability). The brothers carefully researched what to include for a delicious drink with only 2 grams of natural sugars and a great way to drink healthfully. My enthusiasm grew as I learned of the new company’s environmental and philanthropic inclusion, with their determination to meet a growing need for delicious food as medicine. The name ZYN is from the Urdu/Hindi zyndagi, meaning LIFE to over 1 billion people in India and Pakistan.

I filled my cart with each of the several flavors and wanted to share what a wonderful find it truly is. I don’t usually blog and advertise at the same time, however I was so touched by the earnest efforts of this lovely man and I was inspired to share in hopes of spreading the word that when we come upon conscious commerce, it’s good to do our part to share when we discover it!  Enjoy in good health this summer …




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