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Independence Day Magic for Melody

With only a few hours left before I took my daughter to the airport to relocate to The University of Minnesota for the next better part of a decade or so, I wanted to find a way to help her drop into the moment, feel the magnitude of the transition, be reminded of how to slow down or  make some room for magic …

So I wrote to her as I often do at life junctures, from the depths of inspiration, in hopes that it would help do just that. I share it in this blog as I found it to be a wondrous way to remind us both of what is important, and to help steer the time before her departure toward distilling moments of gratitude and dare I say, joy. We had a ritual of letting go which combined Judaic and Shamanic traditions, and drove to the airport with the moon roof open and blasted some Sheryl Crow ~  serving as reminders of how to access some magical moments that could have just as easily been passed over for stress and attention to arguably much less important details.

Dear Melody, On this Independence Day, 2019, you are off to begin a new adventure of your own independence. I am filled with pride and love as I watch you move on with all the determination you have always carried, to a new city, state, university, degree program, far away from your family.

May your confidence carry you from steppingstone to achievement, and may your heart grow in wisdom of the value of kindness to yourself and others, the sweetness of connection to a community of like-minded souls, and the ability to remember to leave some room for magic somewhere throughout each day …

Take with you the part of your heart that will always know that, and may it be reminded by the memory and knowing of your Mom who has tried as hard as she knew how, to plant the seeds for magic and miracles, and continue to find ways to help you water those seeds. I am always with you in that part of your heart that we share …

Minneapolis ~ here comes Melody and her magic!

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  1. Debbie,
    You have truly touched me in a beautiful, meaningful way! Your words were as eloquent as always and I’m sure that Melody will carry this with her forever!
    You are really someone amazing and special!!!
    Love you 😘 Ellen

  2. Chillingly moving touching just lovely your words flow like a crisp stream of water❤️ Excited to follow Melody’s adventures.

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