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Loving books

With all the things I’ve wanted to write about lately, I was inspired by a pile of books in my house waiting to be read or finished and also by a printing press that was displayed at the University of Florida. I was there this past weekend to celebrate my nephews’s graduation. I always get goosebumps of excitement at milestones, and I couldn’t help but notice I had the same feeling when I came upon the printing press.

I still love books, holding them, borrowing them from the library, coveting their plastic covers as a tactile reminder of their specialness, collecting sharing and of course reading them at night as my mind eases into slumber.  Books are beautiful containers of words worth celebrating, and I am particularly inspired as I continue to work on my stories for Something to Sing about, my memoir and cherished project this spring. May we always enjoy these treasures and appreciate however we nourish our hunger for them, electronically, newspapers and magazines, audibles, and that special place in my heart where I can hug and lug along a good old fashioned book !

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