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Talkin’ bout 9/11 and Mother Nature …. One Heart at a Time

At a time of such tremors, I stop to reflect 16 years ago when I was moved to write a spiritual antidote to the unfathomable events captured with the numbers 9/11 which now can evoke a universally visceral reaction.  A song I believed anyone could understand and take comfort from and turn things from obliterating fear to hope.  And now, it seems we are all humbled by the forces of nature as violent as the will of North Korea’s leader in toying with mass destruction.  This photo was taken in the Florida Keys last summer, a spot so beautiful, so vulnerable. I reflect on how we must continue to cultivate our hopes and love through reaching out to help each other, to remind each other of the beauty midst the rubble of destructive forces ~ for it is clamoring around us in every form and how else do we go on if not to find the light within and share it to help illuminate all we cannot understand or control, but yet in some mysterious way those of us who are called must continue to express and act upon.  While we remember, please listen and pray ….

a song for healing the wounds of violence, inspired by 9/11

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