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The Connecticut Authors Trail

The Connecticut Authors Trail is a consortium of Eastern Connecticut libraries representing a variety of genres and styles of writing among Connecticut authors.  Last night in New London, I showcased my book and shared stories with a group of people enjoying following the trail throughout the state, a trail that ends September 17 at Mohegan Sun with prize winning showcasing with all the authors together.  Honored to have been asked, our discussion last night led to talk of the role artists of the world, whether they be painters, writers, musicians, creators of anything meant to enhance beauty and quality of life. We spoke of healing, and I could feel hearts opening and I was reminded of why I stay on this path. Because if one person is reminded of who they are in this mysterious realm of life midst the chaos, is sparked to recall that light will always extinguish darkness, then it was a divine mission. Yes, life is complicated and pain is real and often unbearable. And yet something moves us to go on and inspire and love no matter what … I am reminded of one of my favorite authors Anais Nin who saw the personal experience as a macrocosm of the world, that through knowing and reflecting our deepest selves, we were more able to connect with humanity as a whole and grow a consortium of love and healing. Not all will subscribe to this belief, but if you have read this far, then please let me know and help spread the hope of love and creation and expression, that which can never be extinguished, despite the will of those forces that will try … Someone brought out last night that the artists and the press are the first to be attacked and silenced in times of oppression … we simply cannot forget, whether its massive genocide or subtle repression, we must persevere in our efforts to stay in the light … with prayers and blessings ….

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