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in the beautiful folds of a birthday dress ….

There’s something about the beautiful folds of a dress ~ I found this one at an arts fair and I plan to celebrate my birthday in it this year. I’ve been enfolded enveloped, entwined in a process of transition this summer, and I’ve let it take me where it has needed to. I’ve kept up my writing and my book is being birthed every day as I journal the remarkable journey of life, I just realized how journey and journal are the same …. Lots of personal changes in my life that have strengthened and deepened this journey and I feel so grateful for the support of my friends, family, fans and facebook buddies … As I prepare to pack up and find a new home, I also prepare for the honor of being part of the Connecticut Authors Trail where I’ve been asked to represent New London at their Library on the 16th at 6PM. I’m preparing to share stories and songs about the journey, in particular, my book Each Moment We’re Alive. For me the story never gets old and there can never be too many reminders to be grateful for each precious moment of breath. The world around us is so filled with insanity, that those of us in the “fold” of belief in the invincible light and spirit of goodness and love, must continue to cultivate that in whatever ways we can. I believe that the more challenging it gets, the more important it becomes … for all of you who have wished me a happy birthday, would you consider shedding light somewhere for someone today whose road is darkened with despair or pain … with blessings and love ~ Debra Lynn

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