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Wandering for the Wonder of Winter Light …


Maybe this blog title doesn’t make perfect sense, but I love alliteration and I’m feeling like I’m wandering lately and there is something wondrous about winter light. The coffee is strong this morning, and the wood stove is going.  It seems to me that when committed to shedding light, wintertime offers challenging opportunities.  Perhaps when you have to dig a little deeper, the light is somehow brighter and if you’re lucky luminescent…  Harsh temperatures and winds and snow waiting to be shoveled makes going within the preferred direction.  I hope I will remember this winter as the one I used to regroup, reassess, redefine my direction out in the world.   I mourn losses that leave wholes, while at the same time celebrate the possibilities of new things to help fill them.  The losses are huge and some not appropriate to write of publicly, yet my heart hurts so much from them I know for me true healing has to include writing and expressing.  Grateful for songwriting as a vehicle I intend to write songs that gather the intensely personal in such a way as to facilitate healing in a universal consciousness vein.  At the same time we are working out the kinks of the cancer survivor workshop, planning for spring activity and well just plain burrowing in.  Purging things that don’t spark joy seems to be the motto I’ve been reading about, and I’m down for that.  Recently I read where someone posted about her journey as a mother of a child with special needs, and it reminded me of how powerful it is to write when we are in the trenches.  Not only does it heal ourselves it connects us and touches and heals others in ways that are deeply important if we are not to give up on our world.  It feels to me like the artists, writers, healers of the world weave a net of consciousness whose fibers grow optically stronger with each new voice and contribution and offering.  Lifting us all up a little higher and a little closer to the Oneness that we started to talk about in the Sixties.  Uncovering and revealing what has always been there, but requires cultivation, nourishment, effort, and perhaps discipline. May your wanderings find you some wonder this winter season …. I’ll keep writing ….

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