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Embracing shared journeys creates community ….

I spoke with a woman the other day who reminded me of that.  That the reason artists blog and sing  and express themselves is that we long to reach others who crave community to gather strength and inspiration from. And the way to do that is to share our journeys.  In days of old ~ love that phrase ~  families and friends lived in clusters and walked to each others’ homes and helped to take care of each other.  They shared stories and songs and food and bartered based on their respective skills or preferences.  I admit as I get older that is starting to seem like a nice way of life.  And yet to be present to the reality of how our new age is forming, it seems best to cultivate gratitude for the remarkable opportunities we have to share our journey and build our community across the globe with keystrokes and through various media forms.  One can record a song or a podcast and have it available virtually to anyone.   It is President’s Day, and with so much attention now on the upcoming presidential election, the recent reminder of the impact of appointing a Supreme Court Justice, it’s helpful to reflect on different types of leadership.  Those of us who long to have their words heard, read, purchased and gifted, I believe at the core want to connect to their community through a shared message, or as my new friend puts it, their tribe.  We really do want to lead but not for the sake of a hungry ego (hopefully), but because we have no choice but to create the thought forms that can make a difference in mindset, attitude, how we treat one another.  I marvel at those who want to take it to the world stage podium, and one can only pray that the next person to stand there will have enough heart and fierceness to lead us through the myriad of transformations that need to happen.  For myself I am taking it more seriously that by choosing to blog and speak and sing and write is done in an effort to create community of like minded souls.  Some of us like my gifted niece do it with humor, and the value of that is huge, especially if you look at the growth of news media that is absorbed by those that tune into late night shows that parody with enough truth to keep the intellect fired while laughing.  If you’ve read this far please share a thought or more ….

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