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Aren’t tattoos painful?

I always imagined getting a tattoo would be painful.  What prompted me to slap this baby on, was the realization that when faced with profound loss and pain, the only thing that makes sense is to embrace gratitude.  Every moment spent wallowing in loss is a missed opportunity for joy.  Certainly I don’t mean to diminish the need to process and feel and grieve.   After spending time with Jen Pasiloff and the women that came to be with her and her manifestation yoga and writing workshop at Kripalu, I came away not only with this cool tat (compliments of Conscious Ink) but with a deeper appreciation of what it means to practice radical gratitude.  Of the idea that to cultivate gratitude one can also think of it as bountiful beauty hunting ~ through truly loving and paying conscious attention to every possible breath and moment.  If there is a singular message that I could distill from all my work on Each Moment We’re Alive, it is that.  Be a beauty hunter.  Be grateful.  And for the record, tattoos don’t have to be painful ….

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