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In the name of manifesting

One of the most powerful things in the world is a group of women gathering in the name of manifesting.  Facilitated by a delightful powerpack, Jennifer Pastiloff at Kripalu, with insightful journaling and the affirmative use of yoga poses, I am reminded of the joy of the work that inspires real growth and shifting of mindset.  It’s wonderful to connect and be reminded of all the stuff we know deep inside, but can never get too many reminders of … and then to be delightfully surprised at yet another new way to frame something that can be genuinely life changing if open to it.  I got to do my own work while appreciating the aspects of facilitating I can learn from for applying to our Each Moment We’re Alive workshops for cancer survivors and their loved ones.   Jen is all about empowering girls and women and it’s refreshing to see this work being carried out with such fun and vitality.  Any woman looking for a shot of girlpower adrenaline, check out Jen’s workshops, she does them all over the country.

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