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Every Season ….

…. is a season for gratitude. Some vacation time was rejuvenating and has left me looking at next steps carefully, reflectively.  There is much I want to write about my time at Kripalu at the Breath Immersion workshop, and what I learned from my efforts to launch the book.  I want so much to set the stage for my next book, exercise the unused muscles of all there is to do to get works and songs and publications out to the world beyond the relatively small circle of friends and family.   Thankfully my sister has stabilized and tested positive for a gene that makes her most likely receptive to medical treatment.  Fortunately the advances in lung cancer treatment are astronomical and it is no longer the grim news we thought it was.   The relief is huge, the essence of the gratitude for each moment we’re alive more profound than ever …. Lisa Sheridan Murphy and I will continue to brainstorm ways we can partner together, combining her “thrive with cancer” life’s work with the spirit of the song and book.  In the meantime, in the spirit of the season of Thanksgiving, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who listen and support me and my growing platform.  Please help me by buying the book for loved ones, writing a review on Amazon, liking my Facebook page.   I will continually aim to stay true to myself and find the words and the messages that shed love and light to uplift and help us all stay connected and grateful ….

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