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A bittersweet post-launch ….

Catching my breath after a successful launch party…. In keeping with the bittersweetness of life, I have been blindsided by my sister’s sudden diagnosis of lung cancer.  The kind that apparently happens typically to women in their 50’s, she’s only 52, who have never smoked a day in their lives…. It is hard to describe the feelings that have come up for me.  Midst many commitments that I’ve made to continue my efforts to raise funds for cancer research through the publication of “Each Moment We’re Alive”, I am reminded of the daily struggles that come with a survivors journey.  I never imagined my baby sister would begin the journey of being a cancer survivor.  I am struggling to find a balance that honors the need to be there for my sister, and the work that I have begun.  I know that many of you are on healing journeys for yourselves and loved ones.  This is a special shout-out if you will, to the healers out there, and you know who you are, who have devoted your lives to the healing of the planet in all the forms that that takes, whether it is in your daily prayers, your art, your coaching, your work … please include my sister who has always lived life with humor and integrity and thoughtfulness and whom I have cared for since the days of diaper pins.  Thank you all in advance for your special prayers and for your support of “Each Moment We’re Alive”, which I intend to continue to spread through your kind gift purchases which will add to the funds of research and support so sorely needed….

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