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Welcoming the Equinox ~ and many autumnal weddings

The moment when the center of the sun is directly above the equator underscores the perfect balance of the hours of sunlight and of darkness. It serves as a reminder of the powerful celestial forces that continue despite our personal struggles and life events, as well as that of the world struggling to combat the ills of our society, which I will not risk the sad redundancy of mentioning in this post.

I have been fortunate to be asked to officiate at quite a few weddings this fall and being outside during this glorious season in that position of honor is wonderful. I get to shepherd and bless unions, and feel that I am doing my part to usher in couples with the highest intention of raising the vibration of love on the planet. I’m no stranger to divorce, yet I still believe that romantic love holds the key to our expansion, to the unfolding of our highest selves.

My sense is that couples are bringing to their weddings a deeper commitment to cleave together as we witness the unfolding of a world so sorely in need of healing in so many realms. There is strength in pairs of loved ones devoted to being their best for themselves and each other. It restores my faith in humanity, that despite all the forces of darkness that threaten to destroy, love and light permeate and dominate all that is important, essential even. All we strive for and hang on to in hopes of living in a better world….

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