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Dusk of a new year

Taken on a solitary walk near dusk I thought of how we approach another calendar year and how I’ve learned to cultivate solitude as a balm. I’m not feeling any of the platitudes about hope for a new year, rather a desire to express my concerns mingled with the hopefulness I feel, despite the massive destruction around us, as hearts break in unimaginable grief for the state of our union, our planet, our hope even. I see it splinter in the eyes of my friends who have become grandparents and long to pass on this fragile hope to the next generation borne into turmoil with a texture unlike that of the horrors of world wars, genocide and similar inhumanity.

Much is said, in my circles anyway, about the Light, that which represents to those of us who believe in the concept of Light as the ultimate higher power, as Spirit, God even. That is where I go in my meditations, in my weeding out of the jungle of my passions, that which no longer serves, in my life pruning of those who travel in a way that contradicts what I believe to be true, right, kind, mindful, compassionate. If I were to post a message it would be to hold onto this Light in whatever form is reveals itself to you, however fleeting its glimmer these days. For whatever way we may come to see a rebirth of humanity, it will come in the form of Light. It’s one of the few things I am certain of. Call it crazy, faith, intuition, knowing.

The Light is always there for us and it permeates everything, even when the darkness falls, it is only a temporary blanket. Love as the powerful force of the universe that it has always been, is Light and Light is Love. There I said it and I stand by it…… No matter what 2022 brings, may we all feel the Light within .. .Happy New Year, with Love and with Light

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