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When a force of nature dies

I ache in grief to hear the news

and after the tears subside I ask myself

where does a force of nature go

when the door opens to let it pass through

he was a father to me and to so so many

he had a protectiveness that was in his bones

textured with softness

a combination that was the thing that made him a true force of nature

because nature can be that way

virulent like a virus

and soft like a winter’s breeze in stillness

Oh how he commanded attention and truly knew power

the only power in the universe worth noting

that of Love

Love of everything ….

God, family, life, benevolence, anything good

So I wonder at how he will fill our hearts in this new way

now that he’s gone

instead of the way he filled the room or filled you up when he spoke your name

and gave you that grinful smile

or hugged you close and tight

like he really meant it.

Once some of the grief washes away most of the gripping pain

will there be a palette of healing to be painted upon

will it join forces with other acts of God

like hurricanes and tornadoes?

Or will he cojoin in starlight or moonlight, I wonder

I must remember to look more carefully now

I don’t know, I just have to ask

and share with a heart cracked open

too many times, if you ask me, from the loss of truly great loves

shared in knowing that there is plenty of tissue left

of this most tender of organs

to hold a space

large enough for his memory

for his legacy of lionhearted sweetness

his enormity of being

for all that cannot be contained

but longs to have a home

in the words that just must be written

in his behalf

in honor of the purest of men

I might ever come to know

and surely I have ever known

Rest in peace, dearest Tut

you will always be a King

the Royal Highness of Souls

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