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The Solstice, the Sun and the Christmas Star – an invitation

Much has been said about the phenomenon of this particular winter solstice during a pandemic and what it means that the two largest planets in the solar system are going to be closer than they’ve been in 400 years, forming what is known as the Christmas star. Whether or not you believe the energetic constructs effect us, I choose to see it as an invitation to be open to the gifts of shifting our perspective, the way we frame life as it is. Things will continue as they will, the suffering will go on, the celebrations, the competing philosophies as disparate as Jupiter is expansive and Saturn is contractive. Yet we are always capable of changing how we respond and react and process and make choices in each moment.

As the sun reaches the southernmost part of the sky just before it pivots to go toward the north and hence lengthening the days, the sun star reaches a state of stillness. I find that fact stunning in recognition of the profound beauty of the ancient rhythm of the stars and planets. As I believe with all my heart that cultivating stillness is the key to turning things around. Pausing, reflecting, becoming mindful of our breath and what matters most, and to what degree we can shift our perspective.

So I send out an extra prayer that the wisdom of stillness be a little more accessible than usual, more able to foster the stillness we all could use more of in addition to the light that will grow a little more each day. Happy Solstice, may this season be a time of appreciating the stillness and the growing light of hope on the horizon for better days …..

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