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A Mystic Treasure

Lisa Saunders is one of those treasures that has unfortunately left the Connecticut shoreline, but in her wake, has left so many with rich memories and experiences. Having moved on to be closer to family, she will be missed but certainly not forgotten. Her hosting of The Lisa Saunders Show gave so many an opportunity to publicize their work and to have fun doing it. Her work spreading awareness of CMV through her passion for helping others to avoid that which ultimately took the life of her daughter continues. Mostly I will always remember the spirit of The Nice Girl club, which was founded on her experience of meeting some women when she first moved to Mystic that weren’t all that nice. She decided right then and there to form a group with the only requirement being that you were, well,  “nice” and didn’t talk disparagingly about others. That sometimes created challenges, but Lisa was impeccable in her honoring that and being in integrity. Years of gatherings and connections that go on ensued thanks to her sweet spirit and bountiful energy. I know I have a friend for life and I can’t wait to hear what new Nice Girl club will now sprout in her new neck of the woods in New York.

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