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Happy 25th Birthday Melody!

I love that my daughter will always share her birthday with MLK, Jr.  She turned 25 today and I found her a perfect gift. This was what was on the outside and the inside respectively of the pouch I found to go with her new professional tote bag for her upcoming interviews.

My daughter is brilliant, and that’s not just a mama talkin’ she really is unbelievably brilliant. She hasn’t quite figured out how to get to the dry cleaners or the post office, but you know the kind of brilliance I mean. So it’s a celebration of 25 years of a motherhood journey that has kicked my butt and challenged me. And made me as proud as it has made me crazy. And has broken my heart and made it swell with joy and wonder.

It’s fortunate that her birthday is the same as MLK, Jr., it will always reminds me of what’s most important …

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