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Joy – A Poem

joy can be elusive

hiding behind a forest

or thoughts, or mindsets

encrusted with the familiar

it peeks through

like sunlight through

tree limbs, leaves, crackling branches

on a windy day

downpours can drown out its expression

yet it is always behind

the veil of temporal space

joy is in my heart

and lives in the gut, the blood,

the brain cells

buzzing with the energy of eternity

dancing with the flowers

their piercing and luscious scents

it is contagious

and passes through fingertips

and quarter note tones

and spices of flavorful

food for the senses

and bodies and souls

that long for the purist nourishment

that joy alone provides

which reminds me

we must feed our  joy

so it is strong enough

to sustain the hurricanes

and man-made missives of destruction

and grow new limbs and leaves

and more joy

much more …

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