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New beginnings

I am moved to greet this season with hopefully post-worthy thoughts and inspirations. I was so taken by this mezuzah I found, that I switched out my original to another doorpost. The tradition of marking the entrances of home with a reminder of the spirit of divine connection and protection, is one I have always embraced. As is the tradition of celebrating this time of year the Judaic tradition considers the anniversary of the creation of the World, a time for the deepest reflection and communion with ones God. Although the calendar date varies each year with the phases of the moon that structure the Jewish calendar, it is always within a month or so of the autumn season when academic calendars and seasonal changes converge.

For the beginning of this new year, and the last part of the Gregorian year 2018, I will continue to prepare for a month long immersion course in Shamanic studies.  As the feather is a beautiful and familiar artifact or talisman of this inquiry, I thought it was  a lovely container and vehicle for the ancient scroll of hebrew writing depicting the prayers one reaches for at the entrance to their home. I don’t know yet how this course of study will impact the next phase of my life, yet I am committed to using this time to deepen my desire and intention to align my purpose in life with the actions I take. I have always been interested in healing and the neuroscience of enlightenment and this course is designed to expand my knowledge and awareness of these mystical elements of life that I crave a higher understanding of and engagement with.

With a few exceptions, I have put my musical endeavors on hold, and plan to return with a renewed vision of how to best share my love of creating music. I hope to complete publication of my book, “Something to Sing About” as a working autobiography (a phrase borrowed from the brilliant Deborah Levy’s, The Cost of Living) deepened by my course excursion. With further study and work I hope that the book will be an offering of inspiration, healing and soul work treasures, with more than a few good stories to tell.

As so many things crumble around us, may all new beginnings fill us with hope and purpose and the sweet joy of life.






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