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Auld Lang Chai

Tonight traditionally we sing of days gone by, thanks to the Scottish poem over 200 years old set to an equally olden folk song, as many reflect upon memories of the past, looking forward with hope for tomorrow and the new year.  Personally and universally 2017 was a year of enormous challenges and I sing tonight with passion for all that has gone by, for all that’s been lost, that’s worth remembering.  I sing for what I stand to gain by being honest with myself about what is for my highest good, and believing as I always have, that that is what’s best for the planet and those around me. Although it may not always seem like it, when aiming for a path of truth the highest choices will always be what makes our heart sing, even if it has to bleed for a while ….. and so I sing with all the hope in my heart that ’18 as a symbol of life will be the year of earth shattering changes for the better. May 2018 be good to you, may it bring peace, joy, healing and what makes your heart sing …. Happy New Year!

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