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Sharing post by my beloved friend Monica’s daughter

Today is an important day.  I was not planning on posting something political but these times call for courage and speaking our truths, and when I read what my dear friend Monica’s daughter wrote I felt what better way to remember her than to proudly share what Lindsay Baer has written so thoughtfully, her Mother would be so proud of how she is growing.  So if there is anyone who has not yet decided who to vote for, or Suffragistst close your ears, don’t plan to vote out of dismay, just consider this, the KKK endorses a man because of his racist leanings, dear God this is an election to consider the big picture of humanity …..

Lindsay’s post:

Today we choose between two imperfect candidates.

Hillary Clinton has, at times, displayed puzzling judgement. There are some things that progressives wish were different about her as well as conservatives. But here’s the thing about Hillary: she puts the time in, she does her homework, she is tireless, and she has a decades-long track record of fighting for families, children, and social justice – well predating her political career. She has the stamina, temperament, balance and competency that is required to lead a nation such as ours.

Donald Trump possesses all of the undesirable characteristics that many feel Clinton has – and then some – but supercharged. He is flagrantly dishonest, he has routinely cheated small business owners out of hard-earned pay to prop up his shoddy real estate empire, he has never once in his career or private life looked out for anyone’s interests other than his own.

He hates women, truly, and views them as worth nothing more than his own sexual amusement. He believes that his status as a wealthy man entitles him to use and abuse women, emotionally and sexually, despite their lack of consent. He will be on trial this December for raping a thirteen year old girl. Let that sink in. This is not conjecture. This is the reputation he has earned for himself over decades of public words and actions.

However, his disdain and disrespect transcends women and is directed towards any non-white non-male. He has been sued for racial discrimination, he makes wild mischaracterizations about minorities, he incites violence towards Muslims and non-white communities. He has earned the endorsement of the KKK and many other white-supremacist and hate groups. How comfortable do you feel voting for someone endorsed by the KKK?

He says terrible things about veterans, but worse than that: he does not respect their sacrifice or the severity of war, and cannot be trusted to make decisions on their behalf. John McCain, Colin Powell, and countless other veterans and veteran organizations have warned of the threat a Donald Trump Presidency would undoubtedly bring.

He’s a terrible businessman, has committed countless acts of fraud against his investors and customers, and uses his dishonest profits to pay off judges and lawmakers. This is fact. He has no respect for democracy, no understanding of how our government works, and his understanding of foreign and domestic affairs is sensationally poor. Read transcripts of his answers during the debates regarding ISIS: it is incomprehensible.

What else can be said? He is mean-spirited, incompetent, vain, and obsessed with vengeance. He is intolerant, hateful, and a downright buffoon. He is a disgrace.

Trump’s own campaign has revoked his access to Twitter. How can a man be trusted to lead the country if he cannot be trusted to press Tweet?

So tomorrow, we make a choice. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become president: there is no third option. What kind of country do you want us to be, and who is best equipped to get us there? A vote for Hillary is a vote for sanity, for competency. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to watch the world burn. It’s a vote for which there is no redemption. It’s a window into your soul, and it’s an ugly one.

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