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I practically grew up watching SNL and watched it spawn brilliant comedians and get sometimes uncomfortably tasteless. I’ve always loved the political parodies though, and the tenor of liberal thought has irrevocably changed thanks to parodies of the likes of Sarah Palin and most recently Hillary and Trump.

After a week that started with the passing of Leonard Cohen and ended with riots in the street over the President elect, I was more than interested to see how SNL would present the comedic aspect of the week. I was moved and riveted to hear a brave Kate McKinnon open the segment with Hallelujah, the perfect touch that pulled at the heart strings of those of us who have loved Leonard Cohen and are trying to switch from gleeful parody to a brand new reality.

When asked what the inspiration behind the song was, Leonard Cohen replied, “I wanted to stand with those who clearly see God’s holy broken world for what it is and still find the courage or the heart to praise it. .. ” Finding that crack where the light comes in and to not give up fighting for what’s right!

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