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Sweetest Heart ~ A Mother’s Day Gift

“Sweetest Heart” is a song I wrote for my Mom years ago.   It captures the love for a remarkable woman and relays the pride I always felt that she happened to be my mother.   Here’s a Mother’s Day song for you and for those of you lucky enough to have your moms around, you could offer it as a gift, a song that was lushly produced for my first CD …  One of the refrains …

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Woman of the sweetest heart and wisdom, how grateful I’ve become,

to be part of you, your life, your heart, your soul,

mother of the deepest heart and passion, how proud I’ve come to be,

to come from you is the finest gift I know

Early May is a time when the concept of Mother comes into our consciousness because of the custom of setting a day aside we call Mother’s Day.   Perhaps some of us could shift our thinking about it and focus on those who nurture us and cultivate gratitude about that, or the nurturing parts of ourselves, in that way there is something for all of us to celebrate if we choose to …

These post photos of Cindy and me are from our weekend in Stowe that we had fun capturing with our phone cameras and moments along our journey.  I was struck by Cindy’s radiance when I took that picture of her, and how sweet she is and I remembered the song I wrote for my Mom.  Cindy actually embodies a lot of my Mom’s spirit, as well as Monica’s actually.  (some of you might notice how she even resembles her).  It is with such joy I work with her, and am delighted she is using “Each Moment We’re Alive” as her new empowerment coaching name and is launching her reassuring brand of coaching focusing on supporting cancer survivors to carve a new thriving purposeful joyful life.

There is so much to say about our Stowe experience and the healing and inspiration and joy that came from our workshop presentation.  May have to be for another blog … What a pleasure to see the work unfold in such a wondrous way.  Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Nurturing Day, thanks for reading and liking my page and helping expand my reach as I am moved to do with all the love in my heart…. I hope you enjoy the song, it was one of the most fulfilling songs to have written, one that I could sing for my Mom when she was very much alive and could feel the reciprocal appreciation for the expression.  I feel indelibly shaped, fueled and inspired by her sweetest of hearts….

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