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Not just another Spring ….

Emerging  from a tentative Winter, let’s hope that the promise of Spring will bring with it transformational changes.   One can only hope and pray and vote for a political outcome that will be a step in that direction.  So much can be said about that process, and for the purpose of this blog I will simply say I hope this will be a Spring where audaciousness is a new precedent to be followed by some semblance of sanity.  Sanity in the political party process, Supreme court nomination, international steps toward healing the gaping wounds of our planet …  In my corner of the world the Spring brings more workshops that we now have named after the book and CD launched this past Fall, “Each Moment We’re Alive” is being presented in workshops this Spring throughout New England, including the Stowe weekend of Hope in Stowe Vermont.  Cindy and I were interviewed by the Stowe Reporter in the interest of hearing more about our premise of the new norm, the ways in which the life of a cancer survivor can be buoyed and infused with new purpose and cultivate new levels of gratitude.  What an honor it is to continue to be asked to share the song, the book, our passion for healing each other through our open hearts.  In addition the DebraBand will be providing music for Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut’s annual Bid to Build event on April 22 at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich CT.  It’s such a wonderful organization and I love celebrating the work they do.  And I get to share my song, “Decent Shelter” which was written for them.  It’s Earth Day which is also the anniversary of my Dad’s passing 9 years ago, how fitting as I always think of him as a builder and renovator of homes, and as a generous champion of helping those less fortunate.   There is a line in the song that came directly from what we inscribed on his tombstone, in giving there’s so much to receive ….  It is not just another Spring, it’s this one, and it promises to be beautiful and dynamic and bursting with new life!

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