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L’Shana Tovah

As the sun rises on the year 5776, as traditionally counted, Jews around the world take the time to reflect and gather to celebrate the renewal of the world, believed to have been created all those years ago.  Most Jewish holidays revolve around the seasons and the cycles of the moon, based on a calendar one surmises was pragmatic hundreds, probably thousands of years ago.  Today for American Jews it seems there are as many permutations of how to celebrate and recognize the ancient traditions, as there are people piously following in their ancestors’ footsteps.  As a child I wordlessly followed my parents’ example as they strove for the balance of modern Judaism with an relatively orthodox upbringing.  As a young adult I rebelled against what felt like hypocrisy, as a young parent I reached for the spirituality I knew to be present at the core, and now in a home too far from the New York Jews of my blood-based family to gather as often as we once did, I look to the morning sunrise for meaning.  My daughter and her sweet boyfriend are making a life based on a drive to make a difference with a laser focus gaze on their academic worlds.    The path they’ve chosen is research to try to find answers for things as perplexing as autism and cancer.  They are committed to their work and each other which I celebrate in my heart this year.  The path I find myself on these days is to cultivate the art of singing and songwriting and through that, sharing gifts of beauty and inspiration.  Shedding light and love is something I say often, and in fact it has great meaning to me as ultimately that is what I hope to bring to every possible moment.  I have to believe that our ancestors in their quest to shake meaning out of the chaos and wonder of life, strove to distill values of healing, intellectual inquiry, compassion and love.   For years I have stayed with my dream of bringing my newest creation out into the world, partly as a promise to my friend Monica now in Spirit, partly as my own form of laser focus and intention, upon what I believe is a valuable contribution.  In this calendar year, whether it is 5776 or 2015, Each Moment We’re Alive is coming into its own and will spread its wings through modern vessels like the internet highway, Amazon, and thankfully even some old fashioned bookstores!  I am grateful for the gifts I have been given and a world that continues to renew itself after so so many years.  This morning as I got out of bed looking forward to forming my thoughts and writing in the spirit of the new year, I remembered how the beloved teacher Wayne Dyer often spoke of his first morning thought as he stepped out of bed, which was .. thank you, thank you, thank you …. for another day on this earth.  Many blessings to all, L’Shana Tovah, with love and light …

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