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Good Morning August

Good morning August – sweet sweet month that I am partial to because it reminds me I’m getting a year older and there is no time like the present to grab life, embrace it all.  My first blog on the first day of August.  Once I figured out what exactly a blog is, well the truth is I thought I did know just by applying intuitive understanding to the flurry of things that surround our consciousness, from tweeting to various social media platforms.  The truth is I asked my husband, “so what exactly is a blog?”  to which he replied “blog, blog, blog” … I thought that was funny and further underscored that I really  didn’t know what it was.  I just knew that people write them and read them and it sounds kinda cool and maybe not quite trendy …. “No really, I said, what exactly is it?”  He said matter of factly that it was a public journal    “Oh,” I said, “a public journal?”.  Now that’s something I can get behind, I thought with a big grin., I’ve been journaling for close to 40 years now, and the fact that its not every single day is probably the key to my journaling longevity and the practice has waxed and waned, but lately, in the last few years I’ve applied the discipline of tapping into early morning creative energy, not to mention a bit of a caffeine kick, and write most every single morning no matter what.  Clears the cobwebs of stray thoughts and bad dreams, shadowy stuff and helps to form the good stuff that is just out of reach.  So I’ll probably still continue to scribe in my roman numeralized volumes of multi-colored books, but I think I’ll start shifting to this blog, as was suggested by many loved ones anxious to support me in my endeavor to have a wider audience.

So … the excitement is building as the launch of “Each Moment We’re Alive” gets off the ground.  The first box of books are scheduled to be delivered this week, I have gone from postits to day planner scheduling for venue deadlines, and the music is growing and sparkling thanks to the folks I have chosen to play with me based on their heartfelt devotion to music and the Each Moment We’re Alive project.  I will start to explore the message, the inspiration, in this new public arena and hope to excite and incite lots of fire around building the platform of the passionate project I have poured my heart into.  Please join me, I promise to show up regularly and help you smile, bring new perspective, shine light in areas that desperately need it, and infuse love into the new world hungry for it, enhanced by community, propelled by like-minded souls who want to sing a sort of cyber Kumbaya …. Happy August  !

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