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Celebrating the arrival ….

Somewhat akin to giving birth in the sense that the effort and pain and struggle that is involved in bringing forth new life, the baby crowned yesterday.  I received the first shipment of 20 copies of “Each Moment We’re Alive”.  Someone suggested I open the first box with friends present and I love a new idea for a party, so I managed to gather some friends near and dear to my home and the project, and placed the unopened box on a corner table in my room of celebration/sun/music …. I waited until everyone arrived within 15 – 20 minutes of each other which was a pretty amazing feat out here in the woods.  What I found to be most fun about it was owning the courage to see the baby for the first time witnessed by others.  I reasoned that if it looked awful they’d be there to wipe me off the floor, if it was as wonderful as I hoped, they’d be there cheering me on.  I’m happy to say the ritual did not disappoint as we gathered snacks and champagne and I opened the box with such glee and anticipation that it was definitely enhanced by the presence of friends to share the excitement….. For the record I waited about 3 hours to open it.  Exercising the muscles of patience and delaying gratification makes us stronger don’t you think … ?

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